"Heart-touching tones of service"
Welcome to Zenith Charitable Foundation Trust
“Donate for rehabilitation and for poverty”
Donate us to help the poor in need and for the rehabilitation
"Waves of the blossomed heart"
To distribute free food and clothing and outright grants to the poor and needy.

We undertook 36 plus charity works

About Us


We are a worldwide non-profit charity organization

The Zenith Charitable Foundation Trust received the recognition and confirmation of the Law on 2nd December 2020. The purpose of the Trust and the decades of its history that it took place became a model for the memory of the unique days and memorable circumstances.

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We have a clear vision to serve the poor, contributing towards social welfare and other activities.

Health care & Medical Assistance

We adopt children of special status and arrange for their various medical ...
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Educational, Assistance and Training Programme

To support and maintain educational institutions ...
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Social Welfare Activities

To distribute free food and clothing and outright grants to the poor and needy.
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Cultural Activities and Yoga

We support and recognize the contribution of various persons in the promotion ...
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Destitute Care

We help in the rural areas for the empowerment of women and girls to the poor and underprivileged communities. ...
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Rural Development

We undertake various rural development programs such as the construction of roads, public toilets, library, and open well, bore well ...
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Public Assistance and Utility Programs

We promote and encourage advanced physical education training and physical ...
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Religious Activities:

We sponsor or donate to the festivals and other programs. We contribute to the reconstruction or construction ...
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Our Mission


We believe that we can save more lives with you

Our mission always to help the poor and contribute towards rehabilitation, social welfare, educational assistance, and rural development, and also support religious and cultural activities to spread harmony.
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We’ve funded more than 36 plus charity projects since the beginning of the Zenith foundation.

Please share your views, plans, and insights with us for activities and contributions that you want to jointly conduct. We will get back to you with our thoughts and the approaches.