We undertook 36 plus charity works.

About Us


We are a non-profit charity ogranization.

The Zenith Charitable Foundation Trust received the recognition and confirmation of the Law on 2nd December 2020. The purpose of the Trust and the decades of its history that it took place became a model for the memory of the unique days and memorable circumstances.

Zenith Charitable Foundation Trust can obtain, any person, institution, government body’s contributions, gifts, sponsorship, subscription, charity, charity, shares, securities, and loans in the form of money, donations, and material. Zenith Charitable Foundation Trust can use these donations for multi-faceted purposes and is keen to set the path ahead and strategic initiatives shortly. Zenith is in the process of 80G and 12A of the Income Tax for the benefits of donations made to charity with an aim to provide tax incentives to donors and also non-profit organizations are entitled to tax exemptions.

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