The details of the multifaceted social service and contributions of Zenith Charitable Foundation Trust as below:

Donated for the renovation, up-gradation, and other facilities of the cremation ground of Padutonse which was in a dilapidated state in 2008.
In 2008, generously paid periodically for the construction of the hanging bridge at Herroru and also towards maintenance and repairs.
Donated to Adi Udupi High School for the construction of a new room in the name of his mother Late Ramu Pujarthi.
For regeneration, reconstruction, post-reconstruction, post-redevelopment, and redressal of all the lapses and obstacles in the question of Sanil Moolasthana, from 2007 to till today money donated Behalf of Family and every devotee.
In 2012, the donation was given to renovate and permanent roof covering of the dilapidated Herur Bobarya Diety.
In 2012, was donated to the roof covering of the hall of The Herur Sri Mahalingaswara Temple.
In 2012, the donation was given for the renovation of Uggel Bettu Sri Ram Bhajana Mandir.
In 2008, donated to the Malpe Viranjaneya Bhajan Mandir for development activities.
In 2008, was given to Bantwal Sri Narayana Guru Sabha Bhavan to start and finish the work when they were in difficult times.
In 2008 was donated for the reconstruction and development of the Sri Narayana Guru Mandir at Kodi Bengre.

In 2005, the donation was given for the construction of silver paduka and silver peeta was donated to Sri Narayana Guru Swamy, Bangalore.

In 2014, Dontation was given to Katpadi Sri Vishwanath temple.

In 1998, 50,000 was donated to The Kundapur Billava Hall.

In 2006, financial assistance was given for renovation of The Bantwal Sri Brahma Baidarkala Garadi.
In 2007, donated to Sri Pancha Dhumavati Deity of Tonse Garodi in the form of Gold Sword.
In 2007, Gold Pour was donated to Uggel Bettu Sri Brahma Baiders and gold waist band Chikkamma Devi Garodi.
In 2010 Donation was given for the Restoration of Kankanadi Garodi.
In 2012 donation was given for Adkadakatte Pancha Doomavathi Diety.
In 2011 financial assistance was given to Bidkalkatte ITI Educational Institution.
In 2011 donated to Kalnayapur Bala Maruthi Vyayama Shale as financial assistance.
In 2018, the donation was given for persuasion of change in reservation class 2A during the Brahmavara Billava Conference at Brahvara.
In 2005 donation was given to Billava association, association as financial assistance.
In 2014, the donation was given for Chantharu Garodi as financial assistance.
In 2014 donation was given to Cherkadi Garodi as financial assistance.
In 2020 Golden Swing was donated to Ambalapady temple.
In 2013 financial assistance was given to Kakunje Garodi.
In 2017, the donation was given to Perampalli Shri Mahalingeshwara temple.
In 2019, Donations and financial assistance to Ambalapadi Billava Association.
In 2006 donation was given for the renovation of Uppur Sri Mahalingeshwara Temple.
In 2008, the donation was given for the renovation of Gudam Sri Bhadrakali Temple.

In 2016, donated to Thekkady Kodi Khandala – Babbu Swamy Diety for renovation.

In 2018 financial assistance was done to the Malpe Police Station for the flooring and other works.
In 2002 donated to Bengaluru Sudhama Nagara Ayyappa Temple.
In 2019, the donation was given to Balamaruti Temple Ambagilu for its renovation.
Donated to Goddess Shri Mahishamardhini Temple, Neelavara for the Renovation and reconstruction of the temple structure, flag post, bed stone, and Brahmakalasha Festival in 2020 and 21.