Mr. Vishwanath Sanil

Our Trustee


Mr. Vishwanth Sanil

Mr. Vishwanath Sanil, who was born in 1942 as the son of his father Late Angara Poojari, and his mother Late Ramu Pujarthi. He began his education with poverty but with his true determination, he acquired more mastery, experience, qualifications, intelligence, and morale. He embraced the basic principles of kindness, charity, religion, ritual, and thought in his early days.

Mr. Vishwanath Sanil, who has embraced personality, thought, evolution, and reason, has established his career with a motto of “work is worship”. Throughout his life as "service is the ultimate worship," his contributions are the reflection of his inner mind, which has been a versatile one for two decades.

The words are not enough to say that he followed the word "Janani-Janma Bhoomischa Swargadapi Gariyasi" and who has worked for the elevation of all and the motherland, without forgetting the debt sown by the mother.

Mr. Vishwanath Sanil, who founded the Zenith Charitable Foundation Trust, established and developed his ideas like goals, commitment, and objective purpose, social and cultural ideology. The unique work and donations he has done over the past two decades are evidence of the sweet floral flavour within him.

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